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Run to Publish GitHub Pages

Publish GitHub Pages


Before publish, make sure your project repo has the gh-pages branch. If it does not exist, create it first. Creating the gh-pages branch might be added to sbt-github-pages in the future, but it is not available at the moment.

Create gh-pages branch

You need to do it only once. If your project repo already has the gh-pages branch, skip it.

# Move to some temporary location.
# Clone your project. This one will be removed once the `gh-pages` creation is done.
$ git clone


$ git checkout --orphan gh-pages

# Make sure you're in the project directory.
$ git rm -rf .

$ git commit --allow-empty -m "Add gh-pages branch"

$ git push origin gh-pages

# Now you can remove this project in the temporary location.

Publish GitHub Pages

To publish gh-pages, run the following task in sbt console

sbt:test-project> publishToGitHubPages 

or in bash or zsh

sbt publishToGitHubPages 


sbt:test-project> publishToGitHubPages
[info] Committing files from /path/to/test-project/website/build
[info] into the branch to publish GitHub Pages (i.e. 'gh-pages')
[info] * repo: USERNAME/test-project
[info] * commit-message: Updated gh-pages
[info] The following allDirs will be pushed to 'gh-pages' branch.
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/main.js
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/styles.js
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/404.html
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/index.html
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/.nojekyll
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/styles.css
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/sitemap.xml
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/docs/index.html
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/img/poster.png
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/img/logo.png
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/img/favicon.png
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/docs/run/index.html
[info] - /path/to/test-project/website/build/docs/config/index.html
[success] Total time: 7 s, completed 20 Jun. 2020, 11:34:18 pm